5 Free Tips to Explode Your Home-Based Business

If you are like me, you started a home-based business to make money, not spend it. You thought it would be a cost-effective alternative to being your own boss without the hassle of buying a store and hiring employees. As you began to work your business through a “turn-key” system set up by your upline, however, you began to realize that more money was going out of your pocket than into it. Somehow, this little business you started from the empty den next to your living room didn’t quite turn out the way you hoped.Unfortunately, you and I are not alone. In fact, about 95% of people who start a home-based business wind up quitting. The trainings that these large companies guilt you into attending are expensive and the techniques are outdated. Fads and alternatives to the traditional techniques of getting your name out there come along faster than you can keep up with them. Everything seems good on paper but when you actually try something, the only thing that happens is a loss of money.Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make a lot of money in network marketing. Anyone who tries to convince you of this has alternative motives. They’re probably making money off something else that they are telling you to buy into, whether it’s overpriced leads or fancy websites. When I decided to take a look at what I didn’t need to spend money, I was able to finally succeed in network marketing. Here are five money-saving discoveries that worked for me.Free Tip #1: Ask AdviceIf you want something, ask the people who already have it how you can get it too. It costs nothing to ask for advice, and you’ll probably find it more valuable than anything money could buy. If someone is successful in network marketing, they probably didn’t get there by hiring someone to design an expensive website and wait for the flood of people to visit it. They probably started from scratch and you can find out what they did without spending a dime.Free Tip #2: Restock Your ShelvesThe money you put back into your business can be your slave. It can earn more money for you every month without costing you anything except one initial fee. When I decided to begin every month by placing a modest product order with my company, I found that it not only provided me with products to use, but my customers bought more. It seems that when you actually have something in stock, people want it faster than if you had to order it for them.The reason this discovery is “free” is because the profits I make from every product I sell goes right back into more inventory. I only spent money once, and because of it I am able to fill the demand of supply month after month without it draining my bank account.Free Tip #3: Prosper Through AmbitionYou must have the desire to prosper through ambition, not luck. Don’t put your faith in programs that only work by playing a numbers game. That is one of the reasons there is a 95% drop-out rate in network marketing. Focus more on yourself and your willingness to get the job done the right way. People who take the easy way out never prosper.Drive and ambition are free. If you have enough conviction to get things done your own way, which is the inexpensive way, you won’t need luck to speed you to success. When you set a task for yourself, complete it. Wealth grows wherever you exert energy. Leave luck to the gamblers in Las Vegas. They have better odds with it than home-business owners.Free Tip #4: Learn From Your Past MistakesMost people think that a failure is just failure, but it means so much more. You can only succeed when you fail first, and what you learn from the failure is usually worth more than the loss. Money can’t buy experience and once you have it you can use it to guide yourself in the right direction. Learning from your mistakes is free advice. You can show others how not to do something as well, and that is extremely important in network marketing.Free Tip #5: Seek Guaranteed EducationEveryone knows how much it costs to go to college these days. A four-year degree could easily cost over $100,000, and for what? An education based on your learning to work for someone else for the rest of your life, not to mention there is no guarantee you will even be able to find a decent job after paying all of that money. Although your network marketing education costs considerably less than a four-year college degree, you still are not guaranteed success.It wasn’t until I decided to look outside of the traditional trainings of my company that I found an program that not only focuses on proper marketing education, but guaranteed success or my money back. After adding up all the expenses that would be cut from the previous way I was doing business, the new education actually saved me money. That’s actually better than free right from the start. And with a guarantee, there was no risk involved.If you find yourself contemplating any kind of expensive “sure-fire” way to grow your home-based business, do yourself a favor and shift your focus away from the risks of spending without any guarantee for success. Remember, you are in business to make money, not spend it. All you need are the few important things that money can’t buy.